Lazyman Supported NvChad Neovim Configurations

The following are Lazyman supported NvChad based Neovim configurations:


Install all Lazyman supported NvChad configurations with the command: lazyman -i nvchad

What is NvChad

NvChad is one of the most popular Neovim “distributions” along with LazyVim, LunarVim, and AstroNvim. These aren’t really distributions, they do not include Neovim, but that is what they are called. They are more accurately described as “Neovim configuration frameworks”. In most cases they provide some pre-configuration of plugins as well as an easy way to extend the base configuration. Note that NvChad, unlike other Neovim configuration distributions, is not a framework.

A Neovim configuration distribution can be of considerable assistance in managing the exploding Neovim plugin ecosystem, quickly and easily incorporating advanced features, and maintaining an up-to-date Neovim configuration.

  • NvChad is a neovim config written in lua aiming to provide a base configuration with very beautiful UI and blazing fast startuptime (around 0.02 secs ~ 0.07 secs). We tweak UI plugins such as telescope, nvim-tree, bufferline etc well to provide an aesthetic UI experience.

  • Lazy loading is done 93% of the time meaning that plugins will not be loaded by default, they will be loaded only when required also at specific commands, events etc. This lowers the startuptime and it was like 0.07~ secs tested on an old pentium machine 1.4ghz + 4gb ram & HDD.

  • NvChad isn’t a framework! It’s supposed to be used as a “base” config, so users can tweak the defaults well, and also remove the things they don’t like in the default config and build their config on top of it. Users can tweak the entire default config while staying in their custom config (lua/custom dir). This is the control center of the user’s config and gitignored so the users can stay up-to-date with NvChad’s latest config (main branch) while still controlling it with their chadrc (file that controls entire custom dir).

Features that distinguish NvChad include:

  • Really great base46 plugin enables easy theme/colorscheme management
  • Includes an impressive mappings cheatsheet
  • ui plugin and nvim-colorizer

Read our overview and comparison of Neovim configuration distributions.


See the Showcase section for screenshots.

Images (Click to expand!)


Fast file tree:


A fuzzy file finder, picker, sorter, previewer and much more:

Their own statusline written from scratch

[NvChad UI](https://github.com/NvChad/ui){:target="_blank"}{:rel="noopener noreferrer"}

Tabufline (their own pertab bufferline)

- Here's a [video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_9iJ96U_k8&ab_channel=siduck){:target="_blank"}{:rel="noopener noreferrer"} that showcases it.

NvCheatsheet ( their UI Plugin )

Plugins list